A/C Service Repair

In order for your a/c to run efficiently, you must service your air conditioner annually. This will ensure your comfort during the hot summer months.

A/C Service Includes:

  • Replace a/c compressor pag oil
  • Replace a/c drier or accumulator
  • Purification of R-134A/Freon through our recovery system
  • Vacuum down and check for leaks
  • Recharge system

A/C Repair

  • Replacement and installation of complete H.V.A.C.system including A/C condenser, evaporators, expansion valves/orifice tubes, accumulators/dryers, fan motors, ducting, electrical components, heater valves and thermostatic control switches.


We offer obligation free estimates, just top by our shop at 650 E. 107th Ste#160, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.  Or call us at 708-400-6697 to schedule an appointment for faster service.

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