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Want to add life to your fleet while reducing your maintenance cost and headaches?

Regular oil changes and maintenance with a Bolingbrook Fleet Services, Inc. saves you time and money. We help keep your employees and trucks on the road instead of alongside the road.

Myths about engine oil….

Oil is oil:  

Engine oils are far more than a refined petroleum product. They include a complex balance of additives that do things such as keeping soot dispersed in the oil, neutralizing the acid produced by the combustion process, maintaining proper viscosity and protecting engine surfaces from wear and corrosion. Engine oils for your truck should meet standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials, denoted on the oil in the API “donut.” The current standard is CI-4. To meet this standard, oils must pass a battery of tests. Engine makers also have their own tests such as the Mack EO-N standard.

You can tell something about the quality of oil by looking at a pressure gauge:

Seeing the oil gauge rise after changing to a new oil is not always a good indicator of whether oil is good or not. High pressure can mean that the oil isn’t flowing well. Pressure detection devices

You can tell the condition of your oil by looking at it:

Don’t think that black oil is a bad thing. All diesel engine oils turn dark within minutes of entering the engine. If oil is doing its job, it is dispersing the soot and keeping it suspended in the oil. Because of that, the oil turns black. the only way to really assess your oil is through used oil analysis.

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