Clutches & Brakes

Clutch Adjustment

Does your clutch feel worn out? Does the pedal feel soft and “mushy”? Do you have difficulty shifting?  Does your shifter not move freely? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then you may be in need of a clutch adjustment. A clutch adjustment allows adjustment of the clutch pedal to either a tighter or more giving feel when pushing upon the clutch. Adjusting the clutch to manufacture specifications will allow the vehicle to shift much more smoothly and give you the resistance that your truck may require.

Clutch Repair

At Bolingbrook Fleet Service Inc. we use only new clutches, never rebuilt unless you prefer we use a rebuilt. We resurface flywheels, inspect the clutch fork and clutch shaft operation.   We also install new pilot bearings, clutch brakes, grease throws out bearings and adjust clutches for proper operation on all clutch jobs. While we are at it we can also ensure the transmission input shaft is not worn out or twisted. If found to be compromised, we will inform you before it is reassembled.

Brake Service and Repair

Bolingbrook Fleet Services has years of experience fleet services brake jobs.  We will gladly inspect, adjust, and replace any hydraulic or air brakes on all makes and models of trucks. While inspecting brakes we also check drums, S-cam operation, bearings and wheel seals.  Before your rig leaves our shop you will know that it is safe to put back on the road making money for a long time.

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